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Solutions for better systems.

production processes.

Efficiently. Consistently. Reliably.

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"Complicated technology has to be partnered
with user-friendliness. Not the other way around."Hermann Simon*

To plan automated processes, you need an optimal composition of many specific components, the objective being to create the ideal solution for a complex production line. EFA unites these processes and their numerous variables into a single optimal system, which is individual, flexible, connection-oriented and addresses all factors. Automation technology with intelligent control and dual consideration of time and cost parameters. As early as the planning stage, our engineers are already focusing on the end result and striving to deliver you the greatest possible economic benefit.

We take care of:
  • Project management – all-inclusive up to the start-up operations
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering/hardware planning
  • PLC System programs
  • HMI system applications
  • Drive engineering
  • Equipment simulation/tests
  • Modernisation of existing machinery and equipment
  • Comprehensive service – at all times
What you gain:
  • Short start-up phases guarantee immediate production launch!
  • We safeguard your ongoing system operation and respond to problems swiftly – helping to keep your system available.
  • key component of our service portfolio is the intensive training we provide for your operating and maintenance personnel.

Thanks to all the above, your high productivity is our commitment!

* Author profile: *1947, Economics professor, management consultant, published author